Monday, April 28, 2014

March 3, 2014 Week 21

Hey Guys, whats up??
Its been a crazy week this past week.
We actually went to the city of Manchester for Elder B's doctor appointment to set up his sleep study appointment, and it will be this Friday. While we were at Manchester we found a Chipotle, and of course I went there, it was so good! Something that I miss so much. Hahaha It was cool to be in the city of Manchester, its a nice little city. As for the sleep study, pretty interesting actually. Instead of ot being at a hospital, its at a hotel right by the Manchester airport, so we will be sleeping at a hotel this Friday night. Its a 2 bedroom suite so I get my own bed and bathroom, while Elder B is in the other room all hooked up with wires all over him, with a camera above him watching him sleep. It'll be nice to sleep in a big comfy bed, I won't want to go back after. Weird isnt it?? Haha funny though. We have access to everything just like any other guests do, even the pool and spa, but of course we won't swim in it. We may use the exercise facility in there though. Plus, we can go to the breakfast buffet the next morning. It'll be an interesting experience. I'm stoked for it though! Hha, weird isnt it??
So K and T are still staying strong, they have been coming to church the past 4 weeks which is great, something they need to kind of boost up their spirits. Their trials are letting up, getting easier on them. Overall, K just needs to learn to budget better, then she should be fine. We have been helping them so much, and they are so grateful for it. We also taught them the Word of Wisdom, which is something especially T needded to hear, with her smoking addiction. She has improved a lot, she went from 3 packs a day to 1 which is sweet, she just needs to keep it up! 
As for Elder B It's good, Im good:). I am learning a lot so thats what counts.
Dang, sounds like Abby has a tough decision to make soon, which is her top choice? Irvine? Oregon? Hows did she like UC Ircvine? How's Nana liking Florida, I just wrote her a letter, hopefully she'll get it soon. That's great Bailey made it into the Y! But you think he'll go to the U? When does he find out if he gets in or not? How's he doing?? What else is new? Thanks for everything. By the way, the Baers sent me a package, a cool one too! So tell them I say thank you and I love it. I'll write them a letter too. Love you all!!

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