Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Pictures-Week 15

January 20, 2014 Week 15

Hey Guys! 
Sorry it took me a while, we're using the church's only computer since the library is closed for holidays. My new elder is Elder B. He's quite an Elder! Haha, He is super funny, and wants to work hard and super nice. I really like him.  We get along fine! I am learning to be patient with people. He's from Mesa Arizona, and he's an ASL missionary, so he will be teaching me sign a bit which should be cool. We’ll see how this transfer goes! He was telling me that when President Stoker called before he came in, President said that he would be sent to an interesting area and that Elders usually have to get transferred out because of how hard this area is.
  The week was good, still warmer than usual! In the 30s-40s or so! Still friggen cold.  There was a storm recently so we went to the center of our area which has round about, and built a snow family with food coloring and with a sign "Family is Forever, Mormon. Org." It was Elder B idea so that was pretty cool!- I guess. It just sucks to not be able to have anyone to teach. It gets REALLY Hard. I just WANT to teach!! 
-Thats awesome that Bailey got a chance to skydive! I’m so happy for him! Tell Sam he better wait till I get home, that would be soo sick if he does that. I would love that. Thats  bummer for Joseph but really funny.  That stinks about Abby losing to Force, I really don't like that team. I hope they pull it together.  Haha what was the original tweet?? K Ill have to write Hunter on that account. Sounds good, I’ll be looking for that package. Question, so if i send my iPod home, can you put on a couple of artist that I want then send it back? 
-Hows Boreal??? Hows it being back on the board dad?? Any flips from you or Sam?? I bet the snows a bit icy. 
-He's a good elder, he wants to work hard. I’m great with him, he really likes me, don't worry, I'm not a jerk to him. Ya he wakes me up, he says he really doesn't mind at all. I don't know what exactly just something how he struggles sleeping a lot during the night. He has  permission to sleep in if he needs to, he says the latest he slept in was 7. So that’s not too bad. I’ll ask. He's been out for 10 months now. Ask Gregory if he knows Thomas B? 
-By the way thanks for the pizza!! We Loved it!
Hes been out 10 months. Ya probably, which is nice. Ya president knows the situation I’m in so thats good. Sounds good. The same songs I have like efy music, along with the Piano guys, and Lindsey Sterling, and the Vocal Point and Hymns too. thanks. Oh and Elder D is with Elder D now! Lucky punk! haha I saw him at transfers, it was really good to see him again. 

-Haha all right. what else is new? How is chance? We have a big group message going on with us four, so thats cool. Send me more pics!:)

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Week 14

January 13, 2014  Week 14 
Hey guys! Sounds like a pretty good week for you guys. I can't believe Abby’s 17!!  I feel like I was 17 like a couple of months ago.  I sent her a letter, did she get it? Last week was pretty good, nothing really new.  The lesson we had fell through so we have to reschedule it. As for transfers, Elder D is being transferred and I’m staying and getting a new companion, I'll find out who it is tomorrow, hopefully he'll be cool. Well have to wait and see!! Should be interesting. Sad to see Elder D go. It snowed a bit on Wednesday, but has been fairly warm this past week. Which is really weird, a lot of snow has melted. Sounds like Gertie is doing great, is she gonna be OK?? 

   Sam sent me a bunch of his snow boarding videos!  I'm jealous!.... I miss it so much, especially constantly being in the snow. I will say one thing though, Sam seems so boss at snowboarding now. Next thing we know, he’s gonna be able to land a backflip!   So what else is new?? Nothing really new here, same old stuff. I’m doing good! Its very tough, but it takes time to adjust! Ive been doing a lot better though which is good. I miss you guys! Love ya!

Elder D leaves tomorrow during transfer meeting.  Ya I’m really excited to stay with the ward.  I really love the ward a lot. I don’t think Ill be driving, probably my new comp.  Ya I’m good, I’m staying strong:) Thanks mom. Hows Bailey doing?

Thats good, I’m glad chase is doing well. Ya, Austin’s gonna do really well in base training, or boot camp. He leaves next month right?

Nope, no idea whatsoever! We’ll have to wait! Did Bailey go skydiving?

Bye mom and dad, I miss you guys and love you guys!! I’ll talk to you next week!! Love your wonderful son, Elder Max Jensen

Week 13

January 6, 2014  Week 13
Hey guys, sorry it took me a while to get a chance to email you guys. We found a Kohl's in our area but its like at the edge of our area, so we really wanted to go, I got a couple of sick ties. We decided to do that at the beginning of our P day. It’s crazy I am almost 3 months out. Kinda feels slow, but fast at the same time.  Things re going great here. I fasted yesterday for Gertie and my area. Last week was crazy! We were on companion exchanges, I was with another elder who came out with me, Elder L, he is really cool, different, but I had a great time with him. It snowed a  lot on Thursday and Friday.  I was with Elder L for an extra day because our cars got grounded. So we spent the whole day shoveling snow!  I really love shoveling, its just something fun for me, plus it gives me a good workout. Another cool thing that happened was we have this potential we have been trying to contact for weeks but we could never get him while he is at home and he never answers his phone. The first night I was with Elder L, Bro. Mosher took us out to help him do mission work, and I felt we should go to his house again even though its kind of out of the way, so we prayed, then left.  He was outside his house as if he was waiting for us!  We had a great conversation with him. We set up an appointment with him this week. FINALLY we have someone! Hopefully everything will go well and he’ll be my first investigator. 

Transfers next week. I’ll know whats going on on Saturday.  We thing I’ll be leaving to somewhere where I can get more experience with teaching then I’ll be training. But I guess we'll have to wait and find out!! Hows everything at home? Thats ridiculous there hasn’t been any snow or rain for that long. Hows Gertie doing? Thats such a sick post Hunter put up. Tell him I said thank you a lot. I miss him. Hows everything at home??  Thats good, I’m glad its going better. Ya definitely, I’ve been doing pretty good lately.  I mean there are days where its really tough, but I’ve been doing great! 

I will, thanks, I miss the crap out of you guys too. Haha Love you guys, will do!! 

Good bye guys, i love you and miss you guys so much. Hope you have a great week!! Love you guys. Be safe!! And stay warm;) JK You will...

Week 12

December 30, 2013  Week 12
Hey guys, Merry late Christmas! Man what a week, it was definitely a lot different. Christmas was really hard, not gonna lie, just being away from home and everything. But hey one more to go! I loved Skyping with you guys, definitely the best gift I could ask for. Sorry I broke down at the end, I was trying so hard to stay strong but that was really hard. After we left the Peacocks for dinner, I told my companion, "Man, you weren’t kidding when yo said that its such a bittersweet and one of the hardest moments on your mission when you talk to your family." Haha but I loved it. Thank you so much for the packages you guys sent. I got Abby’s package too, and I loved it! There was a lot of cool things in there that i really loved. Sounds like you guys had a great Christmas as well, with David and the family over. I’m just really glad you guys kicked some butt at the Holiday Bowl. I got the jersey, finally!! Such a sick one too!! I was impressed. How’s Gertie doing? Are you guys with her right now? Thats really funny how Sam and Bailey got on ESPN, so cool. Nothing is really new here, it warmed up a bit but its supposed to get a lot colder this week I guess. Honestly, I’m ready for this transfer to end. I really don’t like being a new missionary.. Chance didn’t Skype home?? How come?? I hope Chance is doing all right, I’ll email him and check up on him. The ward is great, we’ve been having a lot of members feeding us which is great. One thing new, I hate tracking so much, haha it gets me thinking a lot at home, which gets me homesick, but I try not to think about it. It’s really hard being a new missionary and you don’t have anyone to teach yet, it sucks. But hey, its all good. I hope everything else is good!! We got a potential last week which is sweet!! We’re gonna call him and I hope we can set up an appointment with him! But ya, nothing else here is new! Same old stuff I guess. Love you guys!!! Reply soon!

Ya sorry I’m a bit late emailing.  Elder Dean is good, same and what not. Treating me fine. Ya definitely.  I just cant wait for that moment when I finally have an investigator.

What's the flagship store?? Sounds cool! Ya I’m staying warm. I don’t think I need anything really. Can you check my debit card when you get a chance? Hows Gertie doing??

Week 10

December 16, 2013   Week 10
Hey guys! Thats really sad about Gertie!  Sounds like its gonna be a long year for them. I hope everything will go well. I’ll pray for her for sure. Yesterday was crazy, there was a storm two nights ago and when we woke up yesterday, church got canceled.  There was about a foot and a half or snow, which means our car got grounded sadly. That means we can’t drive for the day. Our plan was just to be outside the whole time and walk around to find people to help shovel their yard and walks for them and un bury their cars. First time I got to wear my boots, I love them! While we were walking, luckily Brother Peacock came and picked us up with his family and we came with them to help shovel a lot of member families houses and some of his neighbors. They’re a great family with 3 boys and 1 daughter.  They took us in and made hot chocolate for us and fed us lunch then we went back out and did the same thing. It was about 20 degrees, so pretty cold but when you’re out there working its not so bad! So it was basically three whole days shoveling and walking. I enjoyed it to be honest! But I’m so freaking sore right now. Other than that things are going pretty good, just been same old, really cold and snowing at some points. It got to 7 degrees on Wednesday morning. Man that was cold. One thing I learned while being out here, was when I was at home, I should have enjoyed service more than I did, because now, I want to do it every day!  I love it, just something about being a missionary and doing service, keeps your mind off your worries.

 Cole did email me. It’s really great to hear from him!  Can I have Ryan and Chance’s email addresses too please. We got the 12 days of Christmas package, and we love it. We just want to open all of them now,. Haha by the way, the tennis ball was a very good idea so thank you.  I heard a quote saying, that “Your mission is the toughest, yet the most rewarding two years.” I don’t know if that’s true yet, but I’m starting to see it. Tell Bailey to start hanging out with Hunter and Chase more, and Abby’s friends like Shane, he really likes him. I really love Bailey’s beard. He wasn’t kidding when he said it had grown in a lot! I’m gonna do that when I get home;). 
Sounds good about the Christmas package.  It's Skype, so you need to make an account I think. I don’t know how that works, so quickly check it out then let me know. I’m excited for Christmas but don’t know what to expect.  I just don’t want to tract during it. Ready for the HOLIDAY bowl?? Should be fun. Umm, I guess the only couple of things I may need is more acne stuff. My acne is starting to get pretty bad. Can you also send me my farewell talk so I can be ready in case I get asked to give a talk at the last second. And it would be sweet if you send me a holiday bowl jersey:). 

By the way, I’m starting to get a cold.  My throat hurts right now, but I’m good. Things are going good here! Hard but I’ll suck it up! Hows things for you guys! Whats Christmas gonna be like for you?? Miss you guys!! LOve you!

Ya, it will for sure be. K ill have to check that out. Ya, its a really good idea. I hope not, well make sure we won’t. I’m excited to Skype though. How’s Logan doing? The ward does take good care of us, how did you hear about that? Haha awesome, I’m excited:) k sounds good.

Thats really sweet of her! i like that pic, send me other pictures! Of anything. I love pictures.Great pictures, I like those sweatshirts a lot, and I love Lyla! I forgot i have a pic of her in my camera for some reason.