Thursday, January 16, 2014

Week 14

January 13, 2014  Week 14 
Hey guys! Sounds like a pretty good week for you guys. I can't believe Abby’s 17!!  I feel like I was 17 like a couple of months ago.  I sent her a letter, did she get it? Last week was pretty good, nothing really new.  The lesson we had fell through so we have to reschedule it. As for transfers, Elder D is being transferred and I’m staying and getting a new companion, I'll find out who it is tomorrow, hopefully he'll be cool. Well have to wait and see!! Should be interesting. Sad to see Elder D go. It snowed a bit on Wednesday, but has been fairly warm this past week. Which is really weird, a lot of snow has melted. Sounds like Gertie is doing great, is she gonna be OK?? 

   Sam sent me a bunch of his snow boarding videos!  I'm jealous!.... I miss it so much, especially constantly being in the snow. I will say one thing though, Sam seems so boss at snowboarding now. Next thing we know, he’s gonna be able to land a backflip!   So what else is new?? Nothing really new here, same old stuff. I’m doing good! Its very tough, but it takes time to adjust! Ive been doing a lot better though which is good. I miss you guys! Love ya!

Elder D leaves tomorrow during transfer meeting.  Ya I’m really excited to stay with the ward.  I really love the ward a lot. I don’t think Ill be driving, probably my new comp.  Ya I’m good, I’m staying strong:) Thanks mom. Hows Bailey doing?

Thats good, I’m glad chase is doing well. Ya, Austin’s gonna do really well in base training, or boot camp. He leaves next month right?

Nope, no idea whatsoever! We’ll have to wait! Did Bailey go skydiving?

Bye mom and dad, I miss you guys and love you guys!! I’ll talk to you next week!! Love your wonderful son, Elder Max Jensen

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