Thursday, January 16, 2014

Week 12

December 30, 2013  Week 12
Hey guys, Merry late Christmas! Man what a week, it was definitely a lot different. Christmas was really hard, not gonna lie, just being away from home and everything. But hey one more to go! I loved Skyping with you guys, definitely the best gift I could ask for. Sorry I broke down at the end, I was trying so hard to stay strong but that was really hard. After we left the Peacocks for dinner, I told my companion, "Man, you weren’t kidding when yo said that its such a bittersweet and one of the hardest moments on your mission when you talk to your family." Haha but I loved it. Thank you so much for the packages you guys sent. I got Abby’s package too, and I loved it! There was a lot of cool things in there that i really loved. Sounds like you guys had a great Christmas as well, with David and the family over. I’m just really glad you guys kicked some butt at the Holiday Bowl. I got the jersey, finally!! Such a sick one too!! I was impressed. How’s Gertie doing? Are you guys with her right now? Thats really funny how Sam and Bailey got on ESPN, so cool. Nothing is really new here, it warmed up a bit but its supposed to get a lot colder this week I guess. Honestly, I’m ready for this transfer to end. I really don’t like being a new missionary.. Chance didn’t Skype home?? How come?? I hope Chance is doing all right, I’ll email him and check up on him. The ward is great, we’ve been having a lot of members feeding us which is great. One thing new, I hate tracking so much, haha it gets me thinking a lot at home, which gets me homesick, but I try not to think about it. It’s really hard being a new missionary and you don’t have anyone to teach yet, it sucks. But hey, its all good. I hope everything else is good!! We got a potential last week which is sweet!! We’re gonna call him and I hope we can set up an appointment with him! But ya, nothing else here is new! Same old stuff I guess. Love you guys!!! Reply soon!

Ya sorry I’m a bit late emailing.  Elder Dean is good, same and what not. Treating me fine. Ya definitely.  I just cant wait for that moment when I finally have an investigator.

What's the flagship store?? Sounds cool! Ya I’m staying warm. I don’t think I need anything really. Can you check my debit card when you get a chance? Hows Gertie doing??

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