Tuesday, January 21, 2014

January 20, 2014 Week 15

Hey Guys! 
Sorry it took me a while, we're using the church's only computer since the library is closed for holidays. My new elder is Elder B. He's quite an Elder! Haha, He is super funny, and wants to work hard and super nice. I really like him.  We get along fine! I am learning to be patient with people. He's from Mesa Arizona, and he's an ASL missionary, so he will be teaching me sign a bit which should be cool. We’ll see how this transfer goes! He was telling me that when President Stoker called before he came in, President said that he would be sent to an interesting area and that Elders usually have to get transferred out because of how hard this area is.
  The week was good, still warmer than usual! In the 30s-40s or so! Still friggen cold.  There was a storm recently so we went to the center of our area which has round about, and built a snow family with food coloring and with a sign "Family is Forever, Mormon. Org." It was Elder B idea so that was pretty cool!- I guess. It just sucks to not be able to have anyone to teach. It gets REALLY Hard. I just WANT to teach!! 
-Thats awesome that Bailey got a chance to skydive! I’m so happy for him! Tell Sam he better wait till I get home, that would be soo sick if he does that. I would love that. Thats  bummer for Joseph but really funny.  That stinks about Abby losing to Force, I really don't like that team. I hope they pull it together.  Haha what was the original tweet?? K Ill have to write Hunter on that account. Sounds good, I’ll be looking for that package. Question, so if i send my iPod home, can you put on a couple of artist that I want then send it back? 
-Hows Boreal??? Hows it being back on the board dad?? Any flips from you or Sam?? I bet the snows a bit icy. 
-He's a good elder, he wants to work hard. I’m great with him, he really likes me, don't worry, I'm not a jerk to him. Ya he wakes me up, he says he really doesn't mind at all. I don't know what exactly just something how he struggles sleeping a lot during the night. He has  permission to sleep in if he needs to, he says the latest he slept in was 7. So that’s not too bad. I’ll ask. He's been out for 10 months now. Ask Gregory if he knows Thomas B? 
-By the way thanks for the pizza!! We Loved it!
Hes been out 10 months. Ya probably, which is nice. Ya president knows the situation I’m in so thats good. Sounds good. The same songs I have like efy music, along with the Piano guys, and Lindsey Sterling, and the Vocal Point and Hymns too. thanks. Oh and Elder D is with Elder D now! Lucky punk! haha I saw him at transfers, it was really good to see him again. 

-Haha all right. what else is new? How is chance? We have a big group message going on with us four, so thats cool. Send me more pics!:)

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