Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Pictures Feb. 2014- April 2014

Max's New Address

Elder Max Jensen
13 Exchange Street #2
Gorham, New Hampshire 03581

April 28, 2014 Week 29

Hellooo My loving family!
This was a great week! It was definitely different though, just because we've been really shaping up our teaching pool a lot lately. We found people who just weren't making progress at all, so we basically decided to do a desire check for them.  Some of them we had to drop, just because we felt like it was the right thing. And it was! We know because the Lord had blessed us with finding two new investigators last week too! Great ones, like ones who we think have a huge chance of getting baptized. We actually were with one of them this morning because he needed help with his house, just some wood work and stuff. Which is why I'm on way later than usual!! Sorry about that! He's super cool, his names J, and he knows who we are and knows the basics of our religion.  After we finished helping him out, he fed us then we had a long talk and we discussed the Book of Mormon and how it came to be here and Joseoph Smith and everything. He's sweet! Then the other one was a potential we have been trying to contact for so long and we finally got him! He's going through a tough time with his wife being very ill.  She just had a heart attack yesterday actually, so he's getting beaten up right now. But our message really helped him out and comforted him, helping him realize that there is still peace and that everything will get better. 
     Wednesday we went to Pastor Gale's Bible class to meet more people.  It was very interesting, but cool at the same time. It was also Elder V birthday yesterday, so that was fun. Oh and on Thursday we had zone conference, so that was really nice to see other missionaries too.  Especially seeing some from my past districts who I got close with. I also ran into a missionary who apparently knows a couple of my friends from back home and from BYU. He was also at the Santa Barbara efy at the same time I was there, so we talked for a while about that.  That was sick!  This whole thing was in Concord, and let me tell you, Concord seems really cool, and I wouldn't mind serving there some day. That would be a lot of fun. As for the weather here, its been raining a lot! It's weird because it would be sunny one day then raining a lot the next day. Spring here in New England is very weird and different. I just want sun!! I also may be hiking Mount Washington soon!! How sick would that be! We found out it is in our area after all, I just need to convince my companion to have the desire to do it! 

We have about 15 lessons a week, but last week we had a lot less due to scheduling issues. But that is a lot usually. Ya I heard about my old investigators in Derry.  A Sister P who I saw at conference, who is a senior couple in my last ward, said that they are no longer investigators I guess. So I'm a bit confused and bummed.  We'll see.  I just will email someone and see what happened.  I'm feeling a lot better, still a running nose, but I think it's because of allergies! 

I also know my old companion's new companion.  He came out with me.  He seems very cool, and nice. Brother M, one of the Derry ward members, told me that he likes him a lot, and that Elder S was shocked on how hard the area is. Derry was a very hard area. 

Man, Mother's day is two weeks away. I'm so excited you have no idea.  Love you mom!! I miss you so much!!  Thanks for everything you do!!

April 21, 2014 Week 28

Hey Hey Hey!! 
Whats up guys! Sorry it took me a while to get on, we've been getting some stuff done here. Things here are going well!! We've been really really busy it's crazy. We are constanly on the move but it stinks at the same time because it's killing our miles and we are coming up to our month's limit and there's still like 15 days in the month. But we've been teaching so much lately.  A lot of part members, some investigators, and less actives. We have one who is getting close to baptism but she just won't commit at all so it's hard but she does want to get baptized, she just feels like she's not reasdy. Friday was interesting because we went to a Catholic Good Friday ceremony and because we are really good friends with the pastor of the church, we were in it, like participated in it.  We said the opening prayer, but it was a scripted prayer. So basically we just took turns reading a slip and had the audience read to us. The speakers were basically yelling at us, like how they do it in the old times, they yell. The spirit was missing, it just didn't feel right. It makes me cherish how wonderful our church is and it basically re confirm that our church is the true church. It was interesting! Then Saturday was fun because at night we had a church ball game with less actives and non members that wanted to play with us and we just had a pick up game and it was a lot of fun. The people that came are so cool too!  I really love them!  I think its mainly because they're a lot like the people that play basketball with David, they are a lot  like Clark and David's friends and they loved me, so we had a great time. Of course I was better than them;) It was fun. Things have been great here!! But I'm getting sick and it Stinks!! Gosh I hate getting sick on my mission. My throat is killing me right now.  I got it from my companion because he's sick too.  At least I'm not coughing a lot like he is. But I'm great!! I'm glad to hear things have been great for you!! Sounds like Monterey was a lot of fun!! 
Love you all!!  Reply!!:)

Love you both so much and miss you both. It's crazy I'll be seeing your faces in less than a month now!! Hope this week goes really well for you both! Love you!!

April 14, 2014 Week 27

O man guess where I am, I'm literally like an hour away from the Canadian Border in RANDOLPH, NEW HAMPSHIRE.  Like the very tip of New Hampshire, way up there. It is soo sweet!  Soo different though!  Like, everything is different. The lifestyle, the nature, the people. I feel like I'm in another country, like England! It's crazy. The coolest thing I think is that there are mountains all around us and it's so sick! I miss mountains and am so happy to see them again! I guess we are fairly close to Mt. Washington, but it's not in our area I son't think. Our area is MASSIVE!! Its soo spread out. My new companion is Elder V and he's soo sweet!!  Gosh I needed this. He kind of reminds me of Kyler Miller, just how he acts and everything, hes sweet though. I'll send a pic soon. The work here is so different than the other one. We have 11 investigators we're working on with a couple almost ready and so many less actives too. The branch ( Yes im in a branch not a ward now) is so small. Yestersay only like 25 people came to church and it was full of older people. We only have like 2 young families. I've never seen so many older people at church. haha but the people here are so awesome! They love us and will talk with us whenever they can. I do miss my old ward so much, I think its mainly because of how many people come to this branch, but again, its a great branch. This week was crazy, because right when I got here, the apartment was so disgusting and small and there were bed bugs on one of the beds.  Luckily we were able to move to a new apartment in Gorham,NH and its a lot cleaner and a better surrounding area. We've been working so hard lately, and teaching so many people, it's so nice to be in a place where there's a lot of work. It's great!! Reply soon please!!

My district is sweet, there's only two sets of missionaries in it. I don't really know one of the Elders, Elder G, he was the old Assistant to the President, and he got released and he got down to junior companion. I just know him through him coming to one of my district meetings from before.

April 7, 2014 Week 26

Hey guys!! 
So im guessing you heard the news, yep im getting transferred!  About time too! I'm really stoked.  It'll be nice to go somewhere new and to get a new companion. I dont know where I'm going yet or who my new companion is until tomorrow afternoon. I'll let you guys know as soon as I can! I will miss this area so much though. It probably will be my favorite because the members are just amazing. Including the investigators.  I know they'll get baptized, I'm just bummed I probably wont be there for it. They are just so close!  But I'm happy knowing how much I have done for them. The ward keeps telling me they'll miss me and wishing me luck. Brother Tremblay talked to me and mentioned that he was happy for me. He said, "I'm happy that you're getting transferred because you have plenty of work to do in other areas." Oh mom, expect his wife's email because she did ask for your email so she can email you. The call in night was sketchy too because we can get a call anywhere from 8:30 till 10:30PM, but we usually get it at 9:30 ish. I knew we were going to get a call, but time kept passing by, and it was 10:15 at that time.  I was getting worried but then the call came and my heart seriously leaped up. I was so relieved. Haha Im excited to see where I'm going. Well everything else is good. On Friday we went to the Joseph Smith Birthplace Memorial and that was really cool. Plus I was able to go to Vermont.  Vermont is sweet!  I wouldn't mind going there at all sometime! It's full of mountains, or BIG hills I guess, and we passed by a couple of snowboarding resorts. I haven't seen mountains in so long, so it was cool to see them. The investigators loved it too. Conference was cool, we watched it at the chapel.  We weren't allowed to watch it anywhere else, even someone's house.  There were only like 4 of us in the chapel during most of the sessions, but I loved it. Especially President Monson's talk on love and President Utchdorfs talk on "sleeping through the restoration" in priesthood session. It was a fun week, I had a good time. Everything's good.  I've been packing a lot.  Thats sweet that Abby had a great time at prom, and did well at the tournament, same with Kate. Haha how did sam enjoy being home alone?? What else is new?? Same old?? 
Love you all, Reply soon!!:)

March 31, 2014 Week 25

Ahola guys!! 
     Last week was a good week.  We had District Pday last week and that was a lot of fun, we played a lot of different stuff.  A lot of basketball which was really nice!  It was a blast! Then we had interviews with president. It was really great!  We talked a lot about a lot of different things.  How Im doing overall. He commented on how he has seen me improve as a missionary, and how I'm starting to have a lot of confidence. He said that he did see a difference in me between the first time to now. He loves my attitude, he's just a geat president, I love him and couldn't have asked for a better president. Then I had a doctors appointment for my knee. Whoops did i tell you I was gonna have one last week? ;) Haha im fine, I found out I have something called runners knee, which is where one of my leg muscles is off balance than the other, which is why my knee has been getting pushed to the side and popping a lot. He gave me a few exercises that I should do to fix it. So its good! T and K are doing well, T has been commenting a lot on how she feels this peace all the time, which is the Spirit, she's so ready for baptism, K is too.  We know they will get baptized, it's just in due time, but I'll be sad if I I dont get to attend them.  I'm grateful to have been working with them and helping them change their lives. It's great!  Im great though!! Nothing else is new here! We had sleet rain today, but it is warming up finally!  What else is new back at home??
 Love you all!!