Monday, April 28, 2014

February 10, 2014 4 Months!!!

Hola mi familia!!
 Things are going well here. We got another new investigator this week.  He was a former that we contacted last week, and we had our first appointment this week with him. His name is J Martinez, a really cool guy. I was shocked to see that hes never been baptized because hes been taught all the lessons multiple times, he even showed us how he has all the DVDs we hand out and he told us he watches them on occasions. After talking with him for a while, I realized his biggest problem was the Word of Wisdom, with coffee, along with how he doesn't keep his commitments. Those were the reasons why he was dropped, but that was last year, so hopefully he's ready now. We'll be working hard on him, the only tough thing is that he's so busy with work, he works at wal mart and he works there everyday besides Tuesdays and Wednesdays. So it can be a challenge to set up an appointment with him. We have our next appointment with him on Wednesday. As for our investigators now, T and K ( the best friends ) came to church yesterday, I was so happy when I heard they decided to keep their commitment to come to church, they absolutely loved it too! The talks were perfect for them, the first speaker is a convert, also someone who just got reactivated recently, and what he said, K was able to relate to, everthing he said K needed to hear. So cool how the Lord helps us when we have faith. As for May, we havent taught her yet because as I said before, she is Chinese and speaks very little english, so were waiting for the English pamphlets.  My only concern for her is that when we teach her, I feel like no matter how clear we make it, she'll still have trouble with understanding what we tell her. Even when we read the Book of Mormon with her and her husband, I can see the confusion in her eyes. Whenever I see that, I point it out and ask her if she has any questions, or anything that needs some clearing up, and we do what we can to help her.

So we saw a former after our appointment with J... Man that was quiet an experience. Her name is M Maker, we haven't ever met her before. So when we knocked, a guy about 22 years old answered, asked who we were, when we explained who we were and who were looking for, he called for his mom, and then let us in. As we were walking in, he mentions "Well, at least you guys arent Mormons right?" We replied by saying, yes we actually are, he still let us in though. As we were walking to the living room, we could see smoke everywhere, just floating around, and we see M Maker on the computer playing Lady Gaga, with three giant cans of beer besides her, we could just tell that she was WASTED, and there was a girl in her 20s sitting on the couch next to the guy who answered the door, who were smoking but not drunk. Even though the Spirit was not there at all at the beginning, after she turned off her music, and let us talk, M, and C (The boy and girl who were on the couch) had many questions for us. M really wasn't into the lesson because she was too out of it, but the Spirit was strong by the time we left, we were able to get a referral from C and M, they say to come back anytime. But get this, as we were walking out, my compnion was in front of me, shaking M Makers hand by the door, (whos still wasted) then I shake her hand, as I was walking outside, she smacks me on the butt!.... I was  shocked, but I just kept walking like it didn't happen!  After I told my companion when I got in the car, he just laughed his head off.
Overall,  It was a really cool experience, not gonna lie.
Pretty good week over all, we got a lot of snow last wednsday so we were out all day shoveling. That was a long day.
Hows everything for yall??

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