Tuesday, April 29, 2014

April 7, 2014 Week 26

Hey guys!! 
So im guessing you heard the news, yep im getting transferred!  About time too! I'm really stoked.  It'll be nice to go somewhere new and to get a new companion. I dont know where I'm going yet or who my new companion is until tomorrow afternoon. I'll let you guys know as soon as I can! I will miss this area so much though. It probably will be my favorite because the members are just amazing. Including the investigators.  I know they'll get baptized, I'm just bummed I probably wont be there for it. They are just so close!  But I'm happy knowing how much I have done for them. The ward keeps telling me they'll miss me and wishing me luck. Brother Tremblay talked to me and mentioned that he was happy for me. He said, "I'm happy that you're getting transferred because you have plenty of work to do in other areas." Oh mom, expect his wife's email because she did ask for your email so she can email you. The call in night was sketchy too because we can get a call anywhere from 8:30 till 10:30PM, but we usually get it at 9:30 ish. I knew we were going to get a call, but time kept passing by, and it was 10:15 at that time.  I was getting worried but then the call came and my heart seriously leaped up. I was so relieved. Haha Im excited to see where I'm going. Well everything else is good. On Friday we went to the Joseph Smith Birthplace Memorial and that was really cool. Plus I was able to go to Vermont.  Vermont is sweet!  I wouldn't mind going there at all sometime! It's full of mountains, or BIG hills I guess, and we passed by a couple of snowboarding resorts. I haven't seen mountains in so long, so it was cool to see them. The investigators loved it too. Conference was cool, we watched it at the chapel.  We weren't allowed to watch it anywhere else, even someone's house.  There were only like 4 of us in the chapel during most of the sessions, but I loved it. Especially President Monson's talk on love and President Utchdorfs talk on "sleeping through the restoration" in priesthood session. It was a fun week, I had a good time. Everything's good.  I've been packing a lot.  Thats sweet that Abby had a great time at prom, and did well at the tournament, same with Kate. Haha how did sam enjoy being home alone?? What else is new?? Same old?? 
Love you all, Reply soon!!:)

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