Tuesday, April 29, 2014

April 21, 2014 Week 28

Hey Hey Hey!! 
Whats up guys! Sorry it took me a while to get on, we've been getting some stuff done here. Things here are going well!! We've been really really busy it's crazy. We are constanly on the move but it stinks at the same time because it's killing our miles and we are coming up to our month's limit and there's still like 15 days in the month. But we've been teaching so much lately.  A lot of part members, some investigators, and less actives. We have one who is getting close to baptism but she just won't commit at all so it's hard but she does want to get baptized, she just feels like she's not reasdy. Friday was interesting because we went to a Catholic Good Friday ceremony and because we are really good friends with the pastor of the church, we were in it, like participated in it.  We said the opening prayer, but it was a scripted prayer. So basically we just took turns reading a slip and had the audience read to us. The speakers were basically yelling at us, like how they do it in the old times, they yell. The spirit was missing, it just didn't feel right. It makes me cherish how wonderful our church is and it basically re confirm that our church is the true church. It was interesting! Then Saturday was fun because at night we had a church ball game with less actives and non members that wanted to play with us and we just had a pick up game and it was a lot of fun. The people that came are so cool too!  I really love them!  I think its mainly because they're a lot like the people that play basketball with David, they are a lot  like Clark and David's friends and they loved me, so we had a great time. Of course I was better than them;) It was fun. Things have been great here!! But I'm getting sick and it Stinks!! Gosh I hate getting sick on my mission. My throat is killing me right now.  I got it from my companion because he's sick too.  At least I'm not coughing a lot like he is. But I'm great!! I'm glad to hear things have been great for you!! Sounds like Monterey was a lot of fun!! 
Love you all!!  Reply!!:)

Love you both so much and miss you both. It's crazy I'll be seeing your faces in less than a month now!! Hope this week goes really well for you both! Love you!!

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