Tuesday, April 29, 2014

March 24,2014 Week 24

Heyyy family! 

I know this is earlier than usual but we have District P day today so we've been rushing things.

So yes we did get a chance to sleep at the hotel this week which was pretty cool!  Super nice to sleep in a big bed this time! Man I loved it! It was super sweet!  I took a bunch of pics and videos you'll love, so I'll probably send home a flash drive soon. This past week was a fun week. Especially because of exchanges with the District Leader. His name is Elder J. Super cool guy. He is just like me, and he knew Elder D from his last area so we had a lot to talk about. We litterally stayed up all night both nights just talking, and had a great time together. He's really cool!  T and K are doing well. They did bring up that they were feeling like they were being pressured into baptism, so unfortunately K is going to talk to the Prirest in her Catholic church about everything. Haha Man come on!! Oh well, T doing well, we have so many potentials we need to follow up on, most of them will probably turn into investigators soon because they do seem very interested. Everything else is good.
That's cool of Abby, kind of a catchy way to ask someone to prom. How's everything else back at home. Did Gertie finish her 3 round of chemo yet? And did you guys repaint your room?? Cause it seems a lot different in the picture! We also have interviews with the president.  I'm very excited about that to see what he has to say and to see him. I'm doing well though!! Crazy, its almost been 6 months huh??

I'm feeling great!! My interview is this Thursday!! It's still a bit cold, but not too bad. Warming up finally!! Hopefully no more snow!!

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