Monday, April 28, 2014

February 24,2014 Week 20

Hey guys, 
It's been a while since we talked huh?? So as for transfers, nothing happened, soo that means I'm still here for another 6 weeks.  But I'll survive! Nothing new really happened here! We had a sick snowball fight outside of the church after district meeting with the district. They were a great district so I'll miss them a lot, but hopefully the new one will be just as good! One of our investigators, K, Is getting evicted. Basically shes getting kicked out of her apartment for different reasons, so we've been trying all we can do to help her out. But it's hard for her because she's been going through a lot and this is the last thing she needs. 
I am very glad to be staying here in Derry though! I really do love this place and ward, I know i will be very sad when I find out I'm leaving this area. As for the weather, its been warming up! Finally!! But its still pretty flipping cold. I'm just hoping it's done snowing for the season, I guess we'll have to see for that. But ya, evrerythings good here!! 
Thats so sick that Sam's doing golf, he'll have a lot of fun, ya he can use my clubs, but he better not lose his temper and throw my clubs;). What else is new with you guys?? Same old stuff?? Love ya'll. And really do miss all of you guys so much,
Love Elder Jensen!!

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