Monday, April 28, 2014

January 27, 2014 Week 16

Sorry! We had to wait forever for a package, but I finally got it!  Its sweet! 

Man this week was just such a great week. Full of blessings and miracles. Im so stoked to finally say that we found not only 1 investigator, but 3! Weve been praying so hard and full of faith just so that we can improve the work of the Derry area. On our way back from Elder B's doctor appointment we passed by a building where I remembered a referral lives but she so hard to contact because she is always in the hospital.  I felt like we should turn around and try to see her again. We did, and walked inside and rang for her because it was in an apartment building, when she let us in and saw who we were she was very happy to see us. She saw the light of Christ in our eyes. We weren't able to go in because of gender rules. But we were able to leave her with a return appointment and an assignment for her to do for us when we get back. The appointment came up, then in the middle of it, her friend showed up and decided to join us, because according to T (our Investigator) she had said that she invited her friend to hear our message and teachings.  Both of them were very active in the conversations, had a lot of questions about the Plan of Salvation, and the Spirit was truly there! Then we had another appointment a couple of days later and we cleared up more of the Plan of Salvation then went on to the next lesson, the Gospel of Christ, we felt like we needed to teach these few lessons first. And they loved it! it was cool too, because when we walked in, C ( the other investigator) was going through a rough time, because the day before her granddaughter had passed away at only 20 because of a disease. Because we talked about the Plan of Salvation, she was comforted so much, and it was something she really needed to hear. I'm so glad we listened to the Spirit at that time. We invited her to Church but they said they couldn't come that Sunday, but definitely the next one, as well as a baptism that is coming up on Saturday.

Then, on Tuesday night, we had a lesson set up with a somewhat recent convert, and her wife was there, she isn't a member, but she joined us in the scripture reading, and after, Elder B just flat out asked if she was interested in the church and if she wanted to take the lessons. And she said yes, so now we have an appointment with her tomorrow night. Should be a good one! Such a good week!
Elder B wants to work hard. I actually enjoy him. Surprisingly. Last Sunday I flet bad for him though cause as he was signing for a deaf lady in the ward, he was struggling because he hadn't signed in almost a year. He had to switch with the other member who usually does it for her. He felt discourafed a bit but he's all good now, he just needs to practice! And he's a cook, so he cooks me dinner sometimes! Haha. Umm what else happened...
O yesterday, we went back to the Zoglios for lunch after church, and the dad, who's super smart, told me he made me something as he was cleaning out the basement, and he pulled it out, he made an alarm clock that has a part that shakes my bed. I dont know how he made it, he had a regular alarm clock but he wired it  it to something that shakes my bed. Pretty sick actually! Funny too. But ya, hows home for you guys?? Hows the weather? anything new? Its been cold here, back down to the 10s-20s.. 

Its so nice to finally get people to teach, it makes the work sao much easier.

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