Tuesday, April 29, 2014

April 28, 2014 Week 29

Hellooo My loving family!
This was a great week! It was definitely different though, just because we've been really shaping up our teaching pool a lot lately. We found people who just weren't making progress at all, so we basically decided to do a desire check for them.  Some of them we had to drop, just because we felt like it was the right thing. And it was! We know because the Lord had blessed us with finding two new investigators last week too! Great ones, like ones who we think have a huge chance of getting baptized. We actually were with one of them this morning because he needed help with his house, just some wood work and stuff. Which is why I'm on way later than usual!! Sorry about that! He's super cool, his names J, and he knows who we are and knows the basics of our religion.  After we finished helping him out, he fed us then we had a long talk and we discussed the Book of Mormon and how it came to be here and Joseoph Smith and everything. He's sweet! Then the other one was a potential we have been trying to contact for so long and we finally got him! He's going through a tough time with his wife being very ill.  She just had a heart attack yesterday actually, so he's getting beaten up right now. But our message really helped him out and comforted him, helping him realize that there is still peace and that everything will get better. 
     Wednesday we went to Pastor Gale's Bible class to meet more people.  It was very interesting, but cool at the same time. It was also Elder V birthday yesterday, so that was fun. Oh and on Thursday we had zone conference, so that was really nice to see other missionaries too.  Especially seeing some from my past districts who I got close with. I also ran into a missionary who apparently knows a couple of my friends from back home and from BYU. He was also at the Santa Barbara efy at the same time I was there, so we talked for a while about that.  That was sick!  This whole thing was in Concord, and let me tell you, Concord seems really cool, and I wouldn't mind serving there some day. That would be a lot of fun. As for the weather here, its been raining a lot! It's weird because it would be sunny one day then raining a lot the next day. Spring here in New England is very weird and different. I just want sun!! I also may be hiking Mount Washington soon!! How sick would that be! We found out it is in our area after all, I just need to convince my companion to have the desire to do it! 

We have about 15 lessons a week, but last week we had a lot less due to scheduling issues. But that is a lot usually. Ya I heard about my old investigators in Derry.  A Sister P who I saw at conference, who is a senior couple in my last ward, said that they are no longer investigators I guess. So I'm a bit confused and bummed.  We'll see.  I just will email someone and see what happened.  I'm feeling a lot better, still a running nose, but I think it's because of allergies! 

I also know my old companion's new companion.  He came out with me.  He seems very cool, and nice. Brother M, one of the Derry ward members, told me that he likes him a lot, and that Elder S was shocked on how hard the area is. Derry was a very hard area. 

Man, Mother's day is two weeks away. I'm so excited you have no idea.  Love you mom!! I miss you so much!!  Thanks for everything you do!!

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