Tuesday, April 29, 2014

March 17,2014 Week 23

Hey Mi Familia!!
     This week was all right. One of our investigators, Juan, dropped us, but luckily we still have the other investigators. They are still going strong. Kathy came to church yesterday but Terri was unable to go because she wasn't feeling too well. Their getting closer! Exchanges did not happen due to the snow!  I was so bummed! Luckily we have another one tomorrow night and I'm going with the DL ( Elder J) who's super cool and funny. So I'm pretty stoked for that. Hopefully it'll happen this time because it would be fun to have a change for a day.  
     Umm, it didn't snow too bad, just enough to cancel the exchanges, we did help the Peacocks shovel out their driveways and it was their youngest son's birthday.  They have a huge hill by their house so they went sledding and wanted us to join with them. So of course I did! Elder B didn't until the very last part of it. But I had a blast, the kids are very fun to hang out with, the mom was with us too having a good time, the dad was at work. It was a good time. 
     That is so awesome for abby, I'm so happy for her! Man sounds like they have an amazing team this year, are they gonna take it all this year?? That would be so sick! By the way, yesterday we went to this family's hourse for dinner, and the youngest daughter Rachael, is so much like Kate!  Every time I talked to her or whenever she talks, I see kate and it makes me miss her so much. It was funny!

How was midterms? Were they hard for them. What else is new? Isn't spring break coming up??

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