Tuesday, April 29, 2014

April 14, 2014 Week 27

O man guess where I am, I'm literally like an hour away from the Canadian Border in RANDOLPH, NEW HAMPSHIRE.  Like the very tip of New Hampshire, way up there. It is soo sweet!  Soo different though!  Like, everything is different. The lifestyle, the nature, the people. I feel like I'm in another country, like England! It's crazy. The coolest thing I think is that there are mountains all around us and it's so sick! I miss mountains and am so happy to see them again! I guess we are fairly close to Mt. Washington, but it's not in our area I son't think. Our area is MASSIVE!! Its soo spread out. My new companion is Elder V and he's soo sweet!!  Gosh I needed this. He kind of reminds me of Kyler Miller, just how he acts and everything, hes sweet though. I'll send a pic soon. The work here is so different than the other one. We have 11 investigators we're working on with a couple almost ready and so many less actives too. The branch ( Yes im in a branch not a ward now) is so small. Yestersay only like 25 people came to church and it was full of older people. We only have like 2 young families. I've never seen so many older people at church. haha but the people here are so awesome! They love us and will talk with us whenever they can. I do miss my old ward so much, I think its mainly because of how many people come to this branch, but again, its a great branch. This week was crazy, because right when I got here, the apartment was so disgusting and small and there were bed bugs on one of the beds.  Luckily we were able to move to a new apartment in Gorham,NH and its a lot cleaner and a better surrounding area. We've been working so hard lately, and teaching so many people, it's so nice to be in a place where there's a lot of work. It's great!! Reply soon please!!

My district is sweet, there's only two sets of missionaries in it. I don't really know one of the Elders, Elder G, he was the old Assistant to the President, and he got released and he got down to junior companion. I just know him through him coming to one of my district meetings from before.

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