Monday, April 28, 2014

March 10, 2014 Week 22

Hey guys! 
 Geez, quite a week. Before anything. We did not get a chance to sleep in a hotel, because my companions insurance won't cover it for some reason, but oh well. It's all good. When he called Sister Stoker to tell her the news since she's over every missionaries health, she mentioned that she thinks it would be easier ot send him home to do the sleep study then come back out, she really wanted him to do that, but he said that thats the least thing that he wants. He says they'll  have to drag him on the plane if that's happening, so he's been super stressed out lately. Luckily for him after constant phone calls to doctors and Sister Stoker, he's kind of able to figure things out, so he won't be going home, for now. But he's still waiting for a call from a certain doctor, if it's bad news, then he'll probably go home just for the sleep study. He then told me, that if he goes home, he may not be coming back out for some reason. So its been a rough week for him.  We were able to talk discuss how we can improve as companions.  Im hanging in there, just making the best out of this! Next transfers only 4 more weeks. So I'll hang in there!! 
As for my investigators, they're all good. Well one of them, J, dropped us mainly because his daughter doesn't want him to talk to us, even though he says he does believe in everything and I can tell he was going to commit to baptism soon, so that's a huge bummer. But T and K are doing well. We just need to soften K's heart still, I know they can do it, and they are almost there, almost ready. I can tell they want to commit. Hopefully there  will be good news from them this week. A couple of days ago, we stopped by a frozen lake in our area, and decided to walk on it for fun since we had been having a long day, it was super cool. Their were a lot of ice fishing booths on it, a lot of people ice fishing. Kinda cool to be on on the middle of the lake, Elder B didnt want to go far cause he was a bit nervous. But I just kept walking:). So ya, thats my week. Other than that, everything else is the same. The weather's slowly warming up so the snow has been melting a bit. But I heard there's supposed to be snow again on Wednesday. How has everyone been?? What's new??

Theres another thing. One thing I've noticed while i have been out here is that almost every family I see has family problems, one way or another, and i mean a huge ones. It makes me realize how lucky I really am to be in such a wonderful family who supports me and cares for me. This Gospel and the Lord has blessed me in many ways. Its so sad to see someone struggling with their families. Like T's daughter is not letting T see her grandchildren at all, maybe once a while and they live like a block away from each other. I love you and my family. Thank you for being wonderful parent to me.

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