Thursday, January 16, 2014

Week 13

January 6, 2014  Week 13
Hey guys, sorry it took me a while to get a chance to email you guys. We found a Kohl's in our area but its like at the edge of our area, so we really wanted to go, I got a couple of sick ties. We decided to do that at the beginning of our P day. It’s crazy I am almost 3 months out. Kinda feels slow, but fast at the same time.  Things re going great here. I fasted yesterday for Gertie and my area. Last week was crazy! We were on companion exchanges, I was with another elder who came out with me, Elder L, he is really cool, different, but I had a great time with him. It snowed a  lot on Thursday and Friday.  I was with Elder L for an extra day because our cars got grounded. So we spent the whole day shoveling snow!  I really love shoveling, its just something fun for me, plus it gives me a good workout. Another cool thing that happened was we have this potential we have been trying to contact for weeks but we could never get him while he is at home and he never answers his phone. The first night I was with Elder L, Bro. Mosher took us out to help him do mission work, and I felt we should go to his house again even though its kind of out of the way, so we prayed, then left.  He was outside his house as if he was waiting for us!  We had a great conversation with him. We set up an appointment with him this week. FINALLY we have someone! Hopefully everything will go well and he’ll be my first investigator. 

Transfers next week. I’ll know whats going on on Saturday.  We thing I’ll be leaving to somewhere where I can get more experience with teaching then I’ll be training. But I guess we'll have to wait and find out!! Hows everything at home? Thats ridiculous there hasn’t been any snow or rain for that long. Hows Gertie doing? Thats such a sick post Hunter put up. Tell him I said thank you a lot. I miss him. Hows everything at home??  Thats good, I’m glad its going better. Ya definitely, I’ve been doing pretty good lately.  I mean there are days where its really tough, but I’ve been doing great! 

I will, thanks, I miss the crap out of you guys too. Haha Love you guys, will do!! 

Good bye guys, i love you and miss you guys so much. Hope you have a great week!! Love you guys. Be safe!! And stay warm;) JK You will...

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