Monday, November 25, 2013

Week 7- Derry, New Hampshire

Hey guys! Sounds like its been a pretty good week for you guys.  I'm sure you guys are super excited for the trip to Moab, I'm jealous!  We better be doing it when I get home. SO as for this week, it was pretty good. Monday night I went on companion exchanges with one of the zone leaders, he came here until wednsday afternoon. I learned so much.  I really liked him a lot, we had a lot in common. He plays baseball and other things. Then the rest of the days were the same, just a lot of finding etc. Actually on Saturday night it was a crazy night. SO we walked in the apartment for dinner at around 6 ish and it was a clear sky, didnt look like it was going to rain at all, then as we were done with dinner we walked out, I noticed there was white all over the ground and we looked up and it was snowing like crazy. So we decided to go for a walk instead of driving to be safe because they hadn't salted the road at the time. On the way back to the apartment, there is a big field of grass by us and Elder D and I were wrestling a bit just to have fun, then my implant fell off and fell in the snow. So we were on our hands and knees looking carefully to find it, there was barely any light, really dark, and it was snowing a bit. After about an hour of looking, we decided to run back to get the car to use its lights so we could have more light. So we did, and luckily after about 15 min I found it by crawling and feeling something on my knee. Surprisingly it still worked despite how wet it was. Definetly a hand of the Lord there. But ya, its just been really cold lately. Its 18 degrees right now. Its freezing. That's cool you guys went to Irvine, what else is new? How Sam and Kate doing? My companions doing fine, he's a great missionary and companion.  I enjoy him. Love you guys!!

 Sam got his hair short!? Tell him to get a better pic! And maybe spike it up or something. I'm so glad he decided to do rugby, he'll have fun and it'll be good for him. Soundsd like the playoffs were very furstrating. But I'm glad its over now, she can look at club now! Maybe have Sam get the night season pass if he wants to, the snow should be great this year in CA. Sweet, please keep checking just in case. I won't be spending too much anyways. There's not a lot of familar restaraunts around here, there's Cracker Barrel, Applebees, and the original fast food stuff. The only place we can really shop for clothes is TJ Max. But i really like that place. Transfers are this Saturday, I dont know, because im a new missionary I'll probably be with my trainer for another transfer, because that is how it usually is, but we never know.  We dont play a lot of sports here sadly, I wish though, its usually shopping, emailing, rest. There's just not a lot to do here in Derry. I've been trying to find something though! Im going to the Rojas, the same family with that daughter that commented on that instagram pic, for Thanksgiving.

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