Thursday, November 7, 2013

Week 4! Week 2 in Derry, New Hampshire

Hey Mom!!
     Its been great!!  But we still have a lot of fun together! Hey, I got my first referral yesterday!! Even though it was from a 12 year old were still happy about that because we literally have no one to teach. That's good for Chance he actually emailed me, it sounds like hes doing great!!  Ya, the ward is really spread out, luckily we have a car, but we only have limited miles each day, so we cant really travel a whole lot. The bishops great here, hes a good person, but I love the 1st counselor, Bro. Tremblay.  I'm super excited for Brigham!!  I cant wait to hear where he goes!  I miss you guys so much! But everythings been going good here,  just the same. It's starting to get a bit cold here, I cant wait to hear from you guys. Umm, the transitions still a little tough on me, I'm just not used to always having to study, but its still great. I will send you home a flash drive that has all of my videos, but make sure you send it back after you upload them on the computer. 
Love you!! email me soon!!

We go tracting a lot, but lately we've been trying to visit less actives too. Everybody was freaking out the day after the Red Sox won!  I could tell they won before I even asked who won. Pretty funny how everybody loves the Red Sox here!

Haha it's all good, I'll just get used to it. Ya its gonna be the same for me. Ya it does, I cant wait for my first baptism. No Facebook here.  Man that's awesome for your missionaries, I'm jealous they can use it.  It's been getting a bit cold, the weather is weird, it will be cold one hour then hot the next.  Like yesterday was snowing a bit in the morning then it was hot in the afternoon.  I love you guys and miss you guys so much.

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