Monday, November 25, 2013

Week 6 Down- Derry, New Hampshire

Hey Mom and Dad,

      Man I get so excited every time I'm about to open my email to hear from you guys. It shows how much I miss you guys. Its crazy I've been out a month and a half. It doesn't feel like its been that long but at the same time it feels like its been so much longer. Dang, sounds like everybodys been getting the flu recently. I'm still debating to whether I should use my money to get a flu shot because I really dont want the flu at all. Thats a bummer that Abby lost, but now she needs to focus on winning JO's this year for 5 Starz. Kate won the whole thing?? Dang thats so awesome. And that sick that sam scored a PK! What a stud. Abby went to the Abel's Grandparents house? I love that place, and that building she talked about is so creepy but so cool. Wait cody got enganged? Wow, I didnt expect that at all. Thats good I guess. It's actually really warm today, I'm wearing my short sleeve white shirt right now and it feels soo good. 
       Hey guess what, two big things happened last week. We had zone conference and Elder Nielson who spoke in conference came! It was sooo cool. He's such a great guy. It's funny at the same time because he's the type of guy who if he was my age in high school, he would be hanging out with my group and I cause he was a stud in high school. One of his stories he told that was funny was when he was walking around, he heard someone call his name, so he turned around, and it was the prophet! He started freaking out, obviously. So when he came up to shake his hand, he asked, "How tall are you??" So that was pretty funny. It was a cool day, nice to get out of Derry. Then yesterday, I spoke in church with Brother Whitney, who is a return missionary that just came home last week. I did great!! Despite the fact I only had 2 hours to prepare for it. I got a few good laughs out of them so thats good. Haha. Then Brother Whitney went up for his homecoming talk, the first thing he does, is tell me to stand by him, and told Elder D to stand, and bore a huge testimony about missionary work and thanking us for our decisions to serve a mission. It was super cool. We talked a lot between, and I like him a lot. so ya that was my week!  My companions great. Overall, he's a great missionary.  What else is new?? I miss you guys. I love you guys!

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