Monday, October 28, 2013

Week 3- First Area- Derry, New Hampshire

October 28, 2013
Hey Dad and Mom, 
No seafood yet!!- But New Hampshire is SICK!  A lot of trees and very beautiful like everyone said it would be. Its starting to get pretty cold.  My companions great. We have a blast together, and he’s a great trainer.  He’s been out for 9 months and this is his 2nd area. I’m in Derry, New Hampshire. My address is 26 S Main Apt 3 Derry NH 03038-2121. When you write me a letter, be sure to include my first name because we have 6 Jensens in the mission right now. Crazy isn't it? 
The mission is tough though, people here are sooo flipping stubborn. Literally, there is a saying everybody uses when they see us missionaries in new Hampshire, "Im all SET!!" Every time we knock, and they open and see us, before we say anything, " Im ALL SET.", and the door gets closed on us. We have no investigators right now. It’s tough. So tracking is kinda pointless right now.  We’ve been seeking for referrals, less actives and part members right now. We’ll find people. Its just tough. But that's what New England is like. They LOVE the Red Sox, so I ask how their doing in the series, sounds like their down right now. Its cool because it gives me something that I can talk about with them because I love baseball. The wards great, I’m loving the people. I’ve been trying to get close with the youth, and they love me. We went to seminary a couple of mornings last week, once to teach, and once to have breakfast. It was sweet.  We have a member meal basically everyday so that's kind of nice. There is really no wifi anywhere so its been tough to upload pics. Mom, that's seriously so awesome about you getting that calling! How are you feeling about it??
Love you guys.
Love, Elder Max Jensen

Sounds great!! Yes I’m not too far, from Boston. My President and his wife are super nice, I love them. Yes I got A LOT of emails!  I have only an hour and a half to email on PDay.  I cant wait to get the photo album, I don't think I need anything, just more food. Haha. My dockers would be nice I guess, and my long sleeve shirt. But I’m good other than that!!

Derry, New Hampshire 

Max's first companion in the field-Elder D

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