Friday, October 11, 2013

Maxs' First Letter Home October 11, 2013

Hey Mom and Dad, 
MTC is going pretty well so far, the days are soo long.  And I keep thinking about you guys a lot, i miss you guys so much. My companion's pretty sweet actually. His name is Elder W, hes from rexburg idaho. We dont have a lot in common, but we get along so well. He's the funniest guy, and he gets very spiritual which is cool because when he gets spiritual, I start to get really spiritual. You definetely feel the Spirit a lot here at the MTC. As for my other roommates, theres elder schilton and Elder D. Elder S is from modesto CA so we talk about california a lot, he was jealous on how I went to the A's playoff game. Then Elder D is probably the coolest dude i met here. Hes from san diego and surfing his is passion. He plays baseball and waterpolo. Even though were not companions, his desk is connected to mine and his bed is right next to mine, so we constantly are talking and laughing. We think the same and we feel the same. He misses his family so much like I do, where as the other two elders dont really talk a lot about them. Lets just say, we have a lot in common and i hope one day ill be his companion in new hampshire. As for the MTC, like i said, its soo long every day. On my first full day at the MTC, lunchtime felt like dinner time, and I was already ready to go to bed. My teachers and zone leaders are amazing, they went through what we are going through not too long ago, so they know what to say and they know what we are feeling. Their would be times when Im taken back by how much teachings are being thrown at me I would feel really overwhelmed. But at the same time, it is helping so much, and I notice my self improving every hour so its awesome. I gotta say, surprisingly, one of the hardest thing for me to get used to is calling everybody elders and sisters. There would be times when I call someone "DUDE!", "MAN!", "GUYS", etc. But at night when the day is over, me and Elder Darbough would call each other Dude, cause he feels the same way as me so its all good:) Its actually funny cause one time, I was i an interview with my Branch president, and he asked how my companion is, and I started explaining a bit about him, then at the end, I said,"So overall, i really like him, hes a cool dude." And at that moment, he loooked at me with a face as if i made a mistake, then I realized what I did, so i tried to fix it, but didnt work out so well. I said "O I MEAN GUY, no, ELDER! Hes a cool ELDER." He just laughed at me. But hes glad I fixed it. He can be really strict on that, he doesnt even want us to high five so its something I need to get used to. O guess what? I have the honor to be the district leader, the Branch President really likes me, well you know, I put my charm on him.:) So im proud of it. I forgot to tell you, right when I got to the MTC, a host came out, helped me with my bag, then asked where I was from, when I said Roseville CA, he started freaking out, and I was thinking what was going on? He then mentioned that Foster has been waiting for me, and he went inside to get him. when Foster came out, I started freaking out because I was so happy to see him, hes doing so awesome, he hasnt gotten his visa yet, but if it doesnt come tomorrow then he will leave on monday to a new assigned destination. Then I met a teacher who went to the Roseville CA mission, his name is like, Brother Woodrock. we talked a lot about all the missionaries I had in my ward, like Elder Young, Thorne, and especially Livingston. He loved it. I havent seen Johna yet, but I dont think I will because she is probably on the other campus thats like 5 min. away. I saw a couple of friends from BYU, and Im hoping Ill see chance next week. I should be able to see him at least once. 

K, The thing that sucks is that whenever im outside by the streetslooking at the mountain, I would see a part of BYU and when I do, I get tempted soo bad to walk down there to see all of my friends from there, like Brigham. I almost did, not even kidding, but luckily I know better.

 Clark and Mike wasnt kidding when they said you are always in a small room with brick walls, and it always stinks because someones always farting, The room is so small and it SMELLS all the time!! And its always hot in the room too. I cant wait to get to new hampshire, MTC is awesome, buty i just want to get out to teach. Hows everything at home? How are my brothers and sisters? I know you guys miss me but i miss you guys so much its ridicolous. Everytime I feel bummed out for some reason, whether its because the day is so long, or i get boring, or whenever, I just think forward two years to the moment i go down the escalator and see all of you guys, all happy and cheering. And just thinking of how i just served a mission. I cant wait to experience that moment. I love you guys, keep me posted on everything! Miss you guys!
Elder Max Jensen

-Boy do we miss him!

we were able to write back quickly and got this back! -

I know, Im so happy we are able to email you guys. Ya, isnt?? Thanks! I know, I was nervous when I got to the MTC, but when Foster showed up, and once we started to talk, I started to relax and get a bit excited for the experience. It worked out so well for them to take me. Their super nice, and Mike told me some of his great and WORST experiences during his mission. It was pretty entertaining. I was actually talking to Elder Darbough about that, how we are together for a reason. I just emailed you the pictures so you should hav egotten them. There's actually no wifi here unfortunately, but Im sure ll find some hen I get up there. By the way, I leave on the 21. Ill call you when i get to the airport. Next week is my P day on friday, same time, so be ready to email back quickly if you can. One more thing I forgot to tell you, I should have started to wake up earlier while I was at home instead of sleeping in, cause Im definitely not used to waking up this early. Ya, clark will laugh for sure, the sisters even farts. Wait, really?? Thats sick! Im so glad he was able to beat them. Keep me posted on their season and the kids soccer games too. Can you back up my phone before you do anything on it please. O and, email the group picture to everybody so they know im doing good. And I have plenty of time to email back on P day so tell my everybody to email me if they want. Sounds great! Ya, Im pretty exctied for sunday, it should be pretty relaxing. Thanks for the support guys.  Love you guys so much. 

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  1. It's great to have a way to all communicate and keep up on whats going on. It has to be a real eye opener to be in the MTC, the mission field will be welcoming after two weeks of tight quarters and all that studying. Amazing that there are so many willing to go down that path. The saying will come to mind many times on your mission, "I didn't say it would be easy, I just said it would be worth it". XO