Friday, October 18, 2013

Week 2, Last letter from the MTC

Things are going pretty good here, it really is true when they say that the days seems like weeks when weeks seem like days. MTC is going so much better and easier, not gonna lie though, I cant wait to get out of here. Haha I'll have to look for him, and ya, I saw Chance. It was sooo flipping good to see a familiar face from home. I was so happy when I saw him we got a long hug going on, people thought we were gay;) Just kidding. He seems to be doing pretty good. I'm jealous you guys went to Santa cruz, ya it gets cold there but its so much fun up there. I love camping there. My companion and I are ok... We teach so good together, and we still get along. He's just a little uptight.  Haha, i just have to suck it up, cause we do teach really well together, but he's cool other than that. Me and Elder D are like bestfriends right now. We think and act the same, we have a lot of fun together, and whenever something happens thats super funny but no one sees it, ,Elder D and I see it and look at each other, and just start busting up laughing. I can tell well stay friends even after the mission. I already wrote Hunter before I came here. He replied but I havent looked at it yet. Haha, i miss my truck. Make sure abby takes good care of my lover...(my truck). If you need to trade it in for a jeep, then by all means do it!! That would be sweeeeeet. Ok sweet, I cant wait to leave. I leave at 3:30 in the morning monday. Pretty early.  Umm, what else? Sunday is for sure the best day, with how relaxing it is, and the Sunday walk to the temple is pretty sweet. It feels so amazing to get the fresh air after all that time feeling trapped... no joke. HAHA Tell Chase, I just saw his roommate, Mitch Page. Hows Cole and Ryan doing? Tell Abby to keep up the good work in volleyball. I miss going to the games, seeing all of her teammates checking me out;) I get homesick at some points, but when I do i just think of how important I am to the Lord. I had a pretty sweet thought that came into my mind I want to share. I dont know if I heard it from someone or If I made it up. When we were in a war between Christ and Satin, we as missionaries are in the front line. And in real life wars, being in the front line is the most dangerous and because of that, Satin works on us missionaries the hardest, which means the Lord is taking special care of us. Pretty cool huh? Hows Sam and Kate doing? Are they doing good in school? They better be. I'll email pics soon! Email me back, I miss and love you guys!! 
Love, Elder Max Jensen

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