Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Week 9! Max's 19th Birthday!

Week 9 

 December 9,2013
Hey mom and dad, 
I’ve been doing pretty good lately! My birthday was good!! Im just really glad I didn’t end up tracting on it. In the morning right after we did Insanity, I opened the package, oh man i loved it!! Haha I loved everything you guys gave me. The socks and sweats were sick! The sweats were actually something I needed, along with the screwdriver. I loved the Nike socks too! So after we got ready we actually went straight to someones house to do service and we ended up cutting down a few trees. It was sweet!!  But FREEZING!! Man I was cold! It was a lot of fun using the ax too to chop some wood! So that took about like 3 and a half hours!  Right after a member, Brother Mosher again, took us to Craker Barrel and then after he drove us to see less actives and former members. Cracker Barrel was so good! After he took us, we went straight to Applebees with that gift card you sent us. Thank you so much for that too. IT was really cool, but the best part was watching the sections championship game for college football;) Then we just studied for the rest of the night because we missed it this morning. But ya, that was my day. It was a weird birthday not gonna lie, it didn’t really feel like it was my birthday. I missed you guys on that day for sure.  That’s good that they have been snowboarding a lot lately. It’s been snowing here a lot and looking at the powder really makes me miss it.  Elder D and I  still have a great time together most of the time. But ya, just been the same old. Its been very hard. Mission life is hard. Just something I really need to get used to. I loved all those pics you sent me. Sounds like you guys are doing great!!  And sounds like a lot of people posted pics of me as well. Man I wish I could see them. Oh well!! I loved Whitneys instagram pic you sent me, that is really awesome and means a lot. I have two pairs of long johns, think that’s enough?... haha not sure! 
Love you, Max

Ya, I’ve been fine, it’s just been really hard lately. No new investigators yet. Sucks a lot.  But ya, just same old hard stuff. 

Love, Max

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