Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Week 8- Derry NH

Week 8                                                                                 
December 2, 2013

Hey guys!! 
I know its crazy I’m almost 19!! Happy Thanksgiving!! Abby follows Marielli now??  I love her, she’s super cool and we went to her family’s house for Thanksgiving, they are Guatamalan family so it was super cool and the food was sooo good. I ate so much I felt bad but the grandpa kept telling me to keep going so I figured...ehh what the heck. It was funny. Most of the family like the grandparents and the dad speak Spanish, little English, so it was weird yet entertaining cause they were trying to teach us a bit.  When I started using what I learned in high school, they were impressed, but Elder Dean had no idea what they were saying. Luckily the family spoke English too, it was a really good time. Well, after that, we went straight to another family’s home, the Cobars, and again another Guatamalan family, but they all spoke English and their were a lot of people there, includiong two other elders from the Exeter zone. It was a blast and I met a lot of new people. Not gonna lie, it was a bit hard knowing I wasn’t home with you guys for Thanksgiving. ps, i really liked your guys’ card.
Seriously? Man I hope Gertie will be ok.. keep me posted on that. Hows Jeni, Tim and Cody doing with that? I’ll be praying for her for sure. 
How was Moab?? Dad sent me the video, looks like it was a blast. I’m jealous. Its been getting really cold here recently. I’ve been fine so far. I just got the box today.  I won’t open it till Saturday.  I’m excited. Ya Elder D has a blog i guess. I was just gonna tell you about that. Elder D has one too, you should see if you can find it, his name is Elder D, i think. My companions good.  He’s a great missionary. We have a good time together. We always have mini Nerf wars in the apartment. Its been fun. Ya its been hard, really hard, but like Cole said, “so what”. I just keep looking forward. We had transfer call ins on Saturday, but we didn’t get a call so are both staying for at least another transfer. She did call you?! Wow thats really cool. Ya I was on companion exchanges up at Haverhill, and we went to this member’s home, and the wife is originally from Roseville, and her mom was there because she just had a baby, so she knew some of the people from there, then asked for my moms phone number, so I gave it to her,. Haha you guys broke down, aw I’m sorry. I really miss you guys a lot too. I think I’m good for now. Oh you maybe should start ordering the implant batteries soon, I’m good now, but i would order them now. Just in case. I love you guys so much! Email soon!! 

Miss you guys so much.

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